Welcome back Descendents! The punk icons are set to return this summer with Hypercaffium Spazzinate, their first new album for Epitaph since 1996 and first full-length studio album since 2004's Cool to Be You. The band just announced a July 29 street date for the album, which will be released by Epitaph.

The new disc began taking shape in 2010 after the band ended their extended hiatus to play live. With the band members spread apart geographically, it proved a bit of a challenge, but the ability to send tracks back and forth and occasionally meeting at Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson's Fort Collins, Colo. studio helped bring it all together.

“I think one of the things that’s kept us inspired over the years is having the music as an outlet for our frustrations,” says vocalist Milo Aukerman. “Having the freedom to completely blow my voice out every time I recorded was a very positive experience for me." Personal catharsis was a prime motivator for Bill Stevenson, who cites “my relationship priorities and my own faulty psychology” as his top inspirations. "In a way, putting pen to paper and getting whatever you need to get out of you is the big accomplishment,” he says.

Though the album won't arrive until July 29, the band has served up a new tune called "Victim of Me." The rocked up track gets to the point, clocking in at under two minutes. It can be heard in the player provided below. You can also see the full track listing for the disc on display below. If you like what you hear, the Descendents' Hypercaffium Spazzinate album is available to pre-order at this location.

Descendents also have a handful of dates schedules, with an appearance at the Punk Rock Bowling Festival in New Jersey on June 11 and Riot Fest Denver on Sept. 2, Riot Fest Chicago on Sept. 16 and Picnic in Pozo on Sept. 24. Keep an eye out here for additional shows.

Descendents, "Victim of Me"

Descendents, Hypercaffium Spazzinate Track Listing

1. "Feel This"
2. "Victim of Me"
3. "On Paper"
4. "Shameless Halo"
5. "No Fat Burger"
6. "Testosterone"
7. "Without Love"
8. "We Got Defeat"
9. "Smile"
10. "Limiter"
11. "Fighting Myself"
12. "Spineless and Scarlet Red"
13. "Human Being"
14. "Full Circle"
15. "Comeback Kid"
16. "Beyond the Music"

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