Leave it to Devin Townsend to craft the whole soundtrack to a British children's TV show about colors while no one's looking. The heady rock explorer, Devin Townsend Project namesake and onetime Strapping Young Lad leader has always been consistently prolific, even before the pandemic.

But now, kid viewers across the U.K. will get what could likely be their first dose of the Canadian's talent via Colours, a 14-episode series from CBeebies, the BBC's children's TV brand.

Townsend created the show's music while also recording a new solo album of his own, an in-the-works project currently being called Puzzle that also has a graphic novel and film idea attached.

"So yeah, during the making of Puzzle, I made the soundtrack to a kids show on the BBC," Townsend revealed to his followers on Twitter this week (March 21). "Its 14 episodes. It was a big learning curve and lots of work, but the people who produced it were very cool."

The BBC called Colours a series "for young children teaching them about color. We learn about objects associated with the color red, from buses to berries, and explore the deeper meaning of the color through cultural events associated with it. The episode concludes with a specially written poem summarizing the color red."

No matter what, the program promises to be an utterly unique learning opportunity for young ones considering the inclusion of custom Devin Townsend music. And who knows, maybe the educational aspect will follow through to the rocker's next proper album?

Puzzles will be Townsend's first solo studio collection since the musician's expansive 2019 effort Empath, not counting the "Quarantine Project" song sketchbook he started last year. Need more Townsend? The rocker also last year played Loudwire some of his favorite guitar riffs.

Get more info on Colours at the BBC website.

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