The Dillinger Escape Plan may have the most in-your-face style of metal on the planet, and vocalist Greg Puciato constantly succeeds in backing that up with his performances both in the studio and onstage. With that personal style comes a great deal of honesty from Puciato, as he recently went on a Twitter rant about what he feels are the pitfalls of introducing religion to political discourse.

As Puciato began to turn a few tweets into a full-on novel, the Dillinger vocalist warned fans, "Sorry, I'm about to punish your timelines," has he went more in-depth concerning his personal viewpoints. He began with the comical, yet thought-provoking tweet, "We need an educated, raised poor, gay, part Mex, black, & Jewish, pot smoking, fiscally conservative, socially liberal, atheist president."

Throughout the series of tweets unleashed by Puciato on Aug. 30, he ran into many questions from both fans and naysayers, addressing them all in his Twitter barrage:

If we really wanna blow the f---ing doors off and shake the old bulls--t. Erase debt & create empathy for all walks and ways of life.

Listening to Obama & Romney both constantly coddle believers of 2000yr old mythology in 2012 is sickening. Get the cross out of your mouths.

Sorry, I’m about to punish your timelines. Regarding a particular reply…it’s not about “letting people believe what they want”… It’s about a modern government’s ability to make decisions being compromised by having to appease a large group that should, at this point, be a freak fringe seen as oddly as we see Scientology.

A mythology that instills psychological crutches & reduces educated adults to infants. There are medical advances not being made, rights not being granted/being denied, wars being fought, people being jailed, etc ad nauseum “Letting people believe what they want” is an absurd concept.

Nobody would vote for someone who believed life was run by a magic dragon. But believer of desert zombie, water walking, eternal life giver? Sure….you sound like a sane man. Please run my country.

More timeline punishment & I’m done. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t follow their own path to “enlightenment” or sense of “fulfillment” We all want a sense of bigger purpose. But we have to be aware enough to realize that without fact it’s all just self appeasing bulls--t to calm us down/give us some inner peace.

It’s a trick we’re willingly playing on ourselves, whether Christianity or New Age metaphysics. I’m fine with that. But when those PERSONAL beliefs are given importance in political discourse when things are as f---ed up as they are it’s not just irresponsible it’s OFFENSIVE, particularly when the belief happens to be a cause/influencer of a lot of terrible policy.

And that’s all. I have to eat and write lyrics and learn weird 200BPM headache inducing rhythms. LA peeps, go to FYF this weekend.