In a recent interview with RockMyMonkey TV, ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott’s longtime girlfriend Rita Haney commented on her recent contact with former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo and her openness to forgive him after the longstanding rift between Anselmo and the Abbott camp, primarily centered around the demise of Pantera.

In what may come as a surprise to many Dimebag fans, Haney has been open to email exchanges with Anselmo and recently bumped into him in London. “Everybody has still resentments towards each other as far as things from the past go," she says. "But these days, the Philip that I know, there's always room in my heart for him. I love him. He's my family and I would never want anything bad to happen to him."

Nodding to Dime’s forgiving nature, Haney feels that he would want her to forgive Anselmo. "He had family members, friends, things that all of us have all done to each other, and he always forgave," she explains. "And there's not one person in our camp or in our whole family that hasn't had a problem that he didn't forgive. And some of them were really brutal, like the things with Philip and the drug abuse but I know him and I know that that's the way he would be as well."

While Haney may be willing to forgive Anselmo, Dime’s brother Vinnie doesn’t seem to be quite as accepting of the peace pipe judging by Haney’s comments. “We had a little bump in the road since I started talking to Philip," adds Haney. "Vinnie’s a little hot at me, but you know what, we're family and I just hope some day he sees the light that I know Darrell is about, which is forgiving, and I know it'll come in time, as far as him not holding on to something so bitter. You've gotta let go to continue on.”

Even though Haney admits she’s been in communication with Anselmo, she isn’t clearing the slate just yet -- but seems to feel hopeful about the future. “It's easy to direct your anger at the wrong people," she admits. "Yeah, I'm pissed off and resent Philip for becoming a jackass and being a drug addict. And also I'm a little sketchy on trusting him quite all the way yet because I've seen it happen so many times. But I saw him being interviewed on 'That Metal Show' and just some of the things he's e-mailed me and some things that he's said; I know when I looked into his eyes, that's the Philip I know."

Haney continues to honor Dime's memory for friends and fans and recently announced that the second annual Dimebash will go down Dec. 8 in Los Angeles.

Loudwire celebrated what would have been Dime’s 45th birthday on Aug. 20 with a feature titled 10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott.

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