Disturbed will be playing their very first show in Israel on July 2. Frontman David Draiman, who is of Jewish descent, has commented on some of the political turmoil occurring within the region in a video interview with a Facebook Page called "Bring Disturbed to Israel." When asked about his view on artists who boycott Israel, the vocalist calls out Pink Floyd's Roger Waters "and the rest of his Nazi comrades," stating that their beliefs stem from "hatred" for the Israeli culture.

"To elaborate a little bit on it, besides just my aggressive stance against it — the reasoning that no matter what side of the fence you sit on politically… And look, I don't think anybody in any country always agrees with everything their country does. I don't, but I'm a very, very strong supporter of Israel forever and for our people. And regardless of whether it's Israel or anywhere else, boycotting an entire society and an entire people based on the actions of its government is absolutely ridiculous. And it doesn't accomplish anything," Draiman explains.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement is an organization that seeks to end support of Israel's Palestinian oppression. Waters is one musician who has openly supported the movement, which Draiman attributes to "a special hatred that exists for the Jewish people in this world."

"You can't accomplish anything in terms of trying to create peace, in terms of trying to create understanding by shutting things off. There has to be open roads of communication," the vocalist continues. "You build bridges, you don't knock them down. And music and entertainment is the perfect way to bridge that gap. And the very notion that Waters and the rest of his Nazi comrades decide that this is the way to go ahead and foster change is absolute lunacy and idiocy — absolute."

Disturbed are currently in the middle of an international tour, which will return to North America toward the end of July. See the dates here.

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