Congrats are in order for Disturbed, who have entered the Classic Cage Match Hall of Fame. The band made a run through the year 2000 with their track, 'Stupify,' which took out five big time opponents on the way to earing Hall of Fame status.

Disturbed started their run taking out Papa Roach's 'Last Resort' with 54 percent of the vote. Their second match was a tight one, with feverish voting going down to the final day before 'Stupify' bested Godsmack's 'Awake' with 55 percent of the vote. A Perfect Circle gave Disturbed their biggest challenge as 'Judith' fell just short with 49.19 percent of the vote to Disturbed's 50.81 percent.

Disturbed were able to breathe a little easier, emerging with just shy of 67 percent of the vote against Linkin Park's 'One Step Closer.' In their final match against Korn's 'Make Me Bad,' the band secured 57 percent of the vote to complete the Hall of Fame run.

Our congrats to Disturbed, the second act to enter the Classic Cage Match Hall of Fame following in the footsteps of Megadeth. Check back for our next Classic Cage Match battle coming soon.