It's time to take a hit. Disturbed frontman David Draiman recently revealed that marijuana has played a key role in his songwriting over the years, and for the song "Fire It Up" he made the sweet leaf the actual subject of one of the band's songs. Now fans can hear that track ahead of Disturbed's Immortalized album release.

As can be heard, the song begins with the sound of Draiman taking a bong hit and fittingly the lyric video for the song (seen above) is filled with a smokey background of purple and green haze while cannabis leaves appear amongst the smoke clouds.

But while Disturbed do pay homage to weed in the song, fans shouldn't expect a stoner rock jam. It's still hard-hitting Disturbed and is not exactly "chill." Draiman recently told Revolver, "I can see the holes in the rhythm and melody and I'll know where I can go and what the possibilities are [after smoking weed]. It helps me be able to perceive everything a little bit more clearly. So I figured, 'What the hell, let's write a song about it!' And Danny's [Donegan] had this riff that had a real funky bounce to it and that was so different.. So it was like, 'Okay, let's try this …'"

As for taking on a less serious subject, the vocalist added, "Metal can be fun, and God knows there's certainly enough people out there that appreciate the enlightening aspects of smoking marijuana."

"Fire It Up" appears on Disturbed's Immortalized album, due Aug. 21. The disc is currently available to pre-order at Amazon and iTunes.

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