It's been a banner year for Disturbed, as the band has seen their Immortalized album continue their run of successful releases, picking right up where the band left off when they took a four year hiatus. We recently had a chance to speak with Disturbed's Dan Donegan and Mike Wengren at the Ozzfest Meets Knotfest festival, and the pair discussed their return after the time away.

"The bond, the brotherhood we have in this band is stronger than ever before and I think you hear it so many times where you can compare it to a marriage," stated Donegan. "I mean me and Mike [Wengren] have been together for twenty-something years and we're going on our 20th anniversary with David [Draiman]. I'm aging ourselves now, but to kind of be away from the road for those four years and doing other side projects or family time, it was nice to really break away and it made us appreciate each other even more when we got back."

Wengren added, "We just knew we were excited to be back together in the same room writing and getting that energy from each other again. We didn't have a deadline and we had no pressure and nobody even knew we were back writing again and that was part of the beautiful thing was that there wasn't that deadline and we could do whatever we want, take as long as we wanted to do it."

The guys also spoke about their history with the Ozzfest and got into how they evolved their live set upon returning from hiatus. That included opening up their sets to collaborations with other artists. "It's been amazing to be touring for 16 years and come back to this say, 'What can we offer new to the fans?' Cause that was part of the break too. We didn't want it to feel like it was just the same routine over and over," says Donegan.

Check out more of our chat with Disturbed's Dan Donegan and Mike Wengren in the video player above. And look for Disturbed on tour supporting the Immortalized album at these stops.

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