Disturbed's mascot, The Guy, is quite … uhhh … disturbing. We can imagine kids peeking under their beds and checking their closets for The Guy, whose glowing eyes penetrate any sort of bravery.

The Guy's first appearance on a Disturbed album cover came in 2005 for Ten Thousand Fists. He hasn't been absent since, being prominently displayed on the artwork for Indestructible and Asylum. To see The Guy in action, all one has to do is watch the music video for "Land of Confusion." Disturbed's creation can break through steel chains, fly into outer space, match the strength of an asteroid strike and much more.

Canadian heavy metal veterans Voivod don't get fancy with their mascot, Korgull. The being is usually sketched out in a crude manner, but don't be fooled, Korgull can impale you from almost any angle.

You can see the ever-changing Korgull on Voivod merch and many of the band's albums. Korgull first appeared on Voivod's debut full-length, War and Pain. He later drove a tank on Rrröööaaarrr, an album which begins with the track "Korgull the Exterminator." Korgull may not be fancy, but he's stuck by Voivod for decades.

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Devil Horn Region, Round 1

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