This monster first appeared on Dio's seminal heavy metal release, Holy Diver. The dark figure, holds onto a chain which binds a drowning priest, immediately winning metal fans over. He's been dubbed Murray, though his real name is Murralsee and is the last of the Malacovians, being over a trillion years old.

As the story goes, Murray and Ronnie James Dio would converse and Murray would tell Dio stories about when the Earth was young. The singer would then use these stories to fuel the mystical imagery for his eponymous band.

It's surprising how simple many metal mascot names are, but Iced Earth don't play that way. Here comes the terrifying Set Abominae. The character is also unique in the fact that he's a main antagonist in Iced Earth's Something Wicked Saga.

Set Abominae is the Antichrist and was predicted to destroy the entire human race. A total of seven Iced Earth albums feature stories that revolve around Set Abominae, including Framing Armageddon, The Crucible of Man and the band's most recent album, The Plagues of Babylon.

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Devil Horn Region, Round 1

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