In today's music industry climate, touring seems like the only way of life for bands. Disturbed will hit the road in 2019, but if you're expecting to see the band again and again over the next couple years, it may not be as easy as it once was.

Singer David Draiman revealed that Disturbed won't tour as heavily as they used to, spelling out the band's plan on the Raincast podcast (audio below). "One thing I will caution everyone on is because we're doing this tour the way that we are, because we're doing arenas on our own, because we're doing the two-hour-long set, because we're targeting things the way that we are, it's not gonna be as frequent as Disturbed used to be," he said. The frontman told listeners, "So when it does happen, come, because it may not be a year or two or three till we see you. So, come on out — be a part of it. Let's make it a night to remember."

Explaining why Disturbed intend on scaling back their road schedule, Draiman offered, "The days of just the machine rolling and rolling and rolling are just past where we're at as people, as individuals. We're all family men now, and there's a yin and yang. And not only that — but it'll end up being healthier for everybody."

This can have a positive effect, making each concert a bit more of a special one. "I think that instead of people's expectation that we're coming around more often, if they view that we're not coming around as often, then each time we do, it really becomes a celebration, it really becomes an event for everyone — like a big family reunion. So I think it'll end up working out for the best," Draiman asserted.

The world tour in support of Disturbed's new album, Evolution, begins in January of next year and all dates can be found at this location. Watch our interview with Draiman below and read our review of Evolution here.

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