2016 found Doyle reuniting with the classic Misfits lineup, but 2017 will find the rocker back with his solo band and preparing to drop a new disc as part of a new label and distribution deal he just signed. Doyle has inked a deal with the EMP Label Group led by Megadeth's David Ellefson and former Corporate Punishment President Thom Hazaert.

As part of the new deal, EMP will release the forthcoming new album from Doyle's self-titled band titled As We Die and they will also distribute all releases for Doyle's Monsterman Records label.

EMP President David Ellefson revealed, “I’ve always loved Doyle and we’ve had a great relationship that goes back a long time. We’d started some talk last year when Doyle and Alissa (White-Gluz) came out to do some stuff with Metal Allegiance, and it just became an ongoing conversation over the past year. Now that it’s official, we’re extremely excited to be able to not only push out this new Doyle record, which is amazing, but all the killer Monsterman titles via EMP.”

Adds Doyle, "When Dave came to me with an offer for our new CD As We Die it was a no brainer. He has been a good friend of mine for 20 + years, and has never done me wrong, and in this business that’s unheard of. We didn’t want to release it ourselves on Monsterman, we wanted a bigger push and EMP has a lot of exciting things happening in 2017 that will do that for us."

In addition to the new Doyle album, EMP/Monsterman will be offering several limited edition vinyl offerings and CD reissues, including Doyle's Abominator disc, the upcoming disc from Dead Girls Corp and several other new releases.

Doyle will take his self-titled band, which features vocalist Alex "Wolfman" Story, bassist Brandon Strate and drummer Brandon Pertzborn, on tour in early 2017, hitting stages in the U.K. and Europe throughout the month of February. See their shows below and stay tuned for release information on Doyle's As We Die album.

Doyle 2017 Tour Dates

02/01 -- Birmingham, U.K. @ Mama Roux
02/02 -- Chester, U.K. @ The Live Rooms
02/03 -- Glasgow, U.K. @ Audio
02/04 -- Newcastle, U.K. @ Academy 2
02/05 -- Milton Keynes, U.K. @ Crauford Arms
02/06 -- London, U.K. @ The Underworld
02/07 -- Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Dynamo
02/08 -- Oberhausen, Germany @ Helvete
02/09 -- Berlin, Germany @ Wild At Heart
02/10 -- Hamburg, Germany @ Bambi Galore
02/11 -- Oldenburg, Germany @ Cadillac
02/12 -- Erfurt, Germany @ Club From Hell
02/14 -- Ostrava, Czech Republic @ Barrack Club
02/15 -- Budapest, Hungary @ Dürer Kert Room 041
02/16 -- Vienna, Austria @ Viper Rooms
02/17 -- Milan, Italy @ Legend Club
02/18 -- Cervia, Italy @ Rock Planet
02/19 -- Roman, Italy @ Traffic
02/21 -- Baden, Switzerland @ Werkk
02/23 -- Madrid, Spain @ Sala Lemon
02/24 -- Barcelona, Spain @ Sala Boveda
02/25 -- Romans / Isere, France @ La Cordonnerie
02/26 -- St. Jean De Vedas, France @ Secret Place

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