Allow us to introduce you to Dragoncorpse, an international band who might be the only ones playing a hybrid style of deathcore and power metal. And, yes, it's sick!

Deathcore, since its inception, has always been over the top and bordering on the absurd in the best of ways. Power metal, meanwhile, is boundless when it comes to the potential for cheesiness, which is what has made it such an enthralling style for more than three decades.

But merging the two together? Who could ever conceive such a ridiculous idea? They're two of the most opposite subgenres there are in metal, but it's 2023 and we all have the capacity to be eclectic with our music tastes, right? Or at least with our metal musical tastes.

So, who the hell are Dragoncorpse? Let's dive in!

When Did Dragoncorpse Form + Where Are They From?

Dragoncorpse formed in 2021 and features an international five-piece lineup with musicians from Australia, Canada and the United States.

The members are:

  • Mardy Leith (vocals)
  • Kris Chayer (guitar)
  • Justin Gogan (drums)
  • Noah Nikolas Laidlaw (bass)
  • Mark Marin (orchestrations)

What Other Bands Can Be Compared to Dragoncorpse?

Outright, nobody.

But if we split up the genres, here's how we hear it:

Power metal comparisons:

  • Rhapsody of Fire
  • Secret Sphere
  • HammerFall

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Deathcore comparisons:

  • Lorna Shore
  • Carnifex
  • Born of Osiris

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Over 150 songs — check it out here.

The band doesn't just cheaply employ a cut/paste approach to their songwriting, utilizing both styles of metal to craft truly dynamic songs. Some parts are purely deathcore while others are strictly power metal, but this isn't always the case one style will eventually work its way in and around the other.

What Have Dragoncorpse Released + Where Can I Listen?

Draongocorpse issued three singles in 2022, all of which are featured on this year's EP, The Drakketh Saga. The nine-track release wields five proper songs as well as four interludes, each of which are spaced between those other five tracks, creating a cinematic, epic flow to the 25 minutes of music.

Dragoncorpse, The Drakketh Saga


And as for those interludes... remember how we said power metal is rife with limitless cheese? Low, pitch-shifted vocals provide narration on The Drakketh Saga against an orchestral/symphonic backdrop.

Here's a sampling of the interludes, these lyrics taken from "Interlude I - Sturm":

Untold years since the slaying of Drakketh
Drained of all that would prove his existence
The mortal realm have erased their fear
Pledging their souls to the celestial gods

We find ourselves here
Beneath the earth so deep
No light dare enter
Amongst the matriarchal dwarves
Preparing a feast
But not one for the stomachs of mortals
But for the Sleeping Gods of the mountain
A feast of Blood and Bone

The queen Terieth preparing a morsel
Only she can
The soul of her only son
The one they call Sturm

Use the Bandcamp player below to start listening to The Drakketh Saga.

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What's That? They Covered Limp Bizkit Too?


The group has a sense of humor, embracing meme culture and Limp Bizkit with their cover of "Nookie," swapping the title in the lyrics for "Dragussy."

Is the cover good? Umm... that doesn't matter. The artwork says "Somehow WORSE than the original," so there's that.

Is it amusing? Fuck yeah it is.

Dragoncorpse, "Dragussy"

But Wait, There's More!

There's also the single "Dragonectomy (Chased Through a Dungeon By a Horny, Recently Divorced Dragon) [Single, And Ready to Mingle]."

The title says more than we ever could.

Dragoncorpse, "Dragonectomy"

I'm Sold! This Band Is Sick, Thanks Loudwire! Where Can I Follow Dragoncorpse?

You are very welcome.

Follow Dragoncorpse at the following places on our beloved internet:

Buy merch at the band's BigCartel store.

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