DragonForce are ramping up to the August 19 release of their next studio album, 'Maximum Overload.' The band is getting the record together, but you can preview a demo of the track 'Defenders' via Revolver.

'Maximum Overload' provides a number of firsts for the band, starting with the first time DragonForce have worked with an outside producer. They teamed up with Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Katatonia) at his Fascination Studios in Sweden.

"Working with Jens gave us a different perspective on the songs and a different sound dynamic," says guitarist Herman Li. "We always previously recorded in our own studios but recording in Sweden made us focus and maybe drove us harder, Jens certainly did, he doesn't believe in days off!"

It will be their first album for Ear Music, who will release the album in the UK on Aug. 18. The U.S. release will be handled by Metal Blade Records a day later.

They worked with Trivium's Matt Heafy on some of the tracks. "We've always gotten on really well with the Trivium guys and it was great when Matt had a couple of days to spare and agreed to weigh in on some of the songs!" says bassist Frederic Leclercq.

The album also marks the first time DragonForce have done a cover song. "Just before the last Australian tour, our manager suggested it might be interesting to do a cover for the next album, something we've always refused even to consider," says guitarist Sam Totman.

"Because we had all had a couple beers every band member wrote down three songs each and we compared them all, just for a laugh," he continues." I wrote down 'Ring of Fire' by Johnny Cash, an idea which the rest of the band loved, so we've DragonForce-ized it"!

'Maximum Overload' will be available in numerous configurations, including CD, digital, special edition digital, vinyl and special edition CD with 5 bonus tracks and a DVD.