Marc Hudson hasn't been the frontman of DragonForce for long, but he is already feeling quite at home with his new role in the British metal band. The process of landing Hudson as the band's lead singer was quite an experience for all involved, which took nearly eight months to make the decision.

Now that they are settled into the way things are with Hudson's involvement and are gearing up for the release of their new album, 'The Power Within,' the band will soon hit the road for their U.S. tour beginning April 21.

Hudson says coming into the mix as they headed into the studio was the perfect timing to prove to his fellow bandmates that he was in it for the long haul. "I didn't come in confident thinking I've got all of this stuff and show DragonForce I'm the s---, but I wasn't laid back either," Hudson recently revealed to Metal Shrine. "I was more eager to please them and on a personal level as well, so like a quiet confidence, if you will. I know that I can sing certain stuff, but I was no way cocky in any way, because these guys have been doing it for years and years and my experience is so small. I have a lot to offer, but they had to kind of explore my voice with me and through each song. A high note here and an alternative here. It's like I had the ability, but I didn't fully show it until the album recording got into the swing of it."

Back when it came time for auditions, DragonForce heard numerous voices, but they knew Hudson was the one on many levels -- not just his dynamic vocals.

"From Marc's first video that he sent in, we liked it, and we contacted him to sing another song," recalls the band's guitarist Herman Li. "The first song we sent [for him to sing] was 'Fury of the Storm,' before we even bothered meeting up with him. After he sang that one it was, 'Oh, that's good, not bad,' because that's a really difficult song, especially in its original key. Then we met to see how much he could drink and to see if he could be a partner in crime on tour as well. Even though most singers have to be very professional and they can't drink that much."

"It's the most boring job," adds Hudson with laughter. "Every singer I've met so far say the one thing, 'Stay off the drinking 'til afterwards!'"

The band finally met Hudson in person and heard him perform live a handful of times. It was then when they felt all the pieces fall into place and they found their new frontman. "After all that, we were able to confirm him as the new singer," says Li. "We worked with other singers, too, and talking to other guys, so [the entire process took] about eight months."

The band is already taking 2012 in full swing after their recent announcement of their new U.S. tour set to kick off in just a couple of weeks. Click here to see where they will be stopping.