The National Association of Music Merchants, otherwise known as NAMM, is fully underway in Anaheim, Calif. and the industry's elite have once again come out in full, touting the hottest new items for gear in 2016. In attendance with merchant representatives are some of rock and metal's finest, showcasing their endorsements and sponsorships. Dream Theater axeman John Petrucci is one of many introducing new equipment as he unveiled his latest signature guitars.

Petrucci has been working with Ernie Ball Music Man since 1999. The company debuted his signature guitar and the latest comes in the form of the 'JP16' and 'Majesty.' Speaking with Guitar World (video above), he notes the JP16 is modeled similar to last year's JP15, but has a couple different features, including a scoop on the body to rest the right forearm — a feature present on his first signature guitar, the JP6 — as well as a Floyd Rose bridge.

The Majesty signature guitar was used on Dream Theater's forthcoming double concept album The Astonishing and is the first neck-through guitar to be released under the Petrucci signature line. Featuring two notable cutaways, the axe has heightened access to the higher frets for easier shredding.

Dream Theater will be released The Astonishing on Jan. 29 and the album promises to be the most adventurous undertaking in the band's illustrious career. Spanning two acts, The Astonishing is set the in dystopian future where music is made by machines. A child, Arhys, is a born musician and holds the power to relieve the futurist world with his natural gift, but trouble broods along his journey. An animated trailer for the record can be seen here.

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