Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie is currently working on his next solo album, which will be his third release under the James LaBrie name. After Dream Theater's monster year in 2011, which included their first ever Grammy nomination, LaBrie spoke with Attention Deficit Delirium about the progression of his latest project.

We recently reported on the beginnings of LaBrie's latest project, but now that the legendary vocalist is into it full-throttle, there are more exciting and in-depth details about the yet-untitled record.

“Right now, Matt [Guillory], I and the other guys are writing,” explains LaBrie to A.D.D. “We’re about halfway through. I would say our main focus is that we want to raise the bar as far as the actual song compositions, so with the arrangements we want to see if we can better ourselves first and foremost. As far as the elements that we want to include or implement into the music, a lot of those elements will be familiar because we want to keep it consistent. It has to make sense and have a sense of continuity from where we left off, but there are some things that we’re talking about we want to bring in that will bring in some intriguing kind of sonics to give it its own identity.”

LaBrie continued to speak about how he desires his work outside Dream Theater to be a completely different entity. “I don’t want to feel that I’m constrained or have to sound in this vein of music or I’m going to lose my listeners," says LaBrie. "I think if anything they want to hear new things, and that’s what we did coming from 'Elements of Persuasion' to 'Static Impulse.' It was all about that. Hitting them over the head with Static Impulse, I don’t think a lot of them were expecting there to be the thrash metal or screamo vocals on a James LaBrie album. It also has to be sincere and genuine.”

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Meanwhile, Dream Theater are currently on an extensive tour of Europe and Asia. Additionally, the band have recently released a lyric video for 'Build Me Up, Break Me Down,' which premiered right here on Loudwire.