We've finally made it to the Championship Round of Loudwire's March Metal Madness 2013! A total of 32 bands entered the competition, and with four nail-biting rounds having passed, we're left with two acts competing for the title of best metal album of all time.

In a surprise that almost no one saw coming, prog masters Dream Theater and their album 'Images and Words' tore through competitors in each round, ultimately landing in our March Metal Madness 2013 Championship Round. 'Images and Words' claimed victories over Dio's 'Holy Diver,' 'AC/DC's 'Back in Black,' Judas Priest's 'Screaming For Vengeance' on its way to an epic semifinal win over Megadeth's 'Rust in Peace.' We know Dream Theater fans are true fanatics, but this final round will be the band's most difficult to date.

In a much more anticipated conclusion, Metallica have also advanced to the Championship Round with the classic album 'Master of Puppets.' Throughout the competition, Metallica defeated Napalm Death's 'Scum,' 'Motorhead's 'Ace of Spades,' Pantera's 'Vulgar Display of Power,' and most recently Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' in the semifinals. While it could be assumed that Metallica are the clear favorites, there's no underestimating the power of Dream Theater fans.

Dream Theater's 'Images and Words'? Or Metallica's 'Master of Puppets'? This final choice belongs to you. Vote for your favorite album in the poll below!

(This poll will end Tuesday, April 9 at 10AM ET. Fans are able to vote once per hour, so keep coming back to make sure your favorite album wins!)

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