The most entertaining part of 'American Idol,' 'The X-Factor,' America's Got Talent' and the billion other talent shows on television, are the early audition rounds. Sometimes you'll run into an incredible act such as recently cut 'America's Got Talent' star Andrew De Leon, but most of the time the 'tryout' episodes are dedicated to the hilarity of failure. However, the Philippines may have just found their greatest contestant ever from their version of the 'X Factor.'

Jeffrey "Osang" Soliven is a cross-dressing stand-up comedian. That alone certainly got the Filipino audience ready for something strange and tragic, but to their surprise, Osang belted out a mean version of Drowning Pool's 'Bodies.' We've all seen metal auditions for these types of shows before, usually resulting in fear and confusion from the judges, but the Filipino judges absolutely loved the impromptu performance, and for good reason.

Osang absolutely nailed the song, belting out an Earth-shaking scream during the kick-in of the song's intro. Not only did the judges love it, but so did the audience, who cheered the cross-dressing vocalist and even regaled in a surprise second-number, where Osang successfully switched to reggae mode with a performance of Shaggy's 'Boombastic.'

"This is the strangest thing I'm going to say," declared judge Martin Nievera. "You come out here and you talk and act like any other gay person would, but when you perform you are 100% man." We're not quite sure what that means, but we're assuming it was meant to be a compliment. "You're not just a stand-up comedian," Nievera continued. "You have some serious talent."

Check out Jeffrey "Osang" Soliven blast out Drowning Pool's 'Bodies' in the video below.

Jeffrey "Osang" Soliven Sings 'Bodies'