Drum mashup master Kye Smith is back with another chronology. This time, Smith has taken all three studio albums from Nirvana, plus a couple of additional standout tracks, to compile a five-minute history of Nirvana’s drumming.

Smith has begun to develop a fan base for his drumming chronologies, the most popular of which are focused on bands like Blink-182, the Beatles, Green Day and Foo Fighters. He even did one for Australian punkers Frenzal Rhomb, for whom we have an especially strong affinity.

First out of the gate comes Nirvana’s debut, Bleach, which was compiled with parts written by both Chad Channing and Dale Crover. Dan Peters’ part on “Sliver” (the only song included from Nirvana’s Incesticide b-sides album) acts as a transition into the Dave Grohl era of Nirvana, which began with the iconic Nevermind.

Rounding the compilation off, Kye Smith flows into 1993’s In Utero and finishes up with the powerful “You Know You’re Right,” which was released on the high-selling Nirvana compilation in 2002.

You’ve got to check this out for yourselves. Watch Kye Smith run through Nirvana’s career in the five-minute chronology above!

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