The Jesus Lizard built their reputation as one of noise rock's most respected acts over the course of six albums in the '90s, but after a prolific start they haven't issued a new record since 1998. However, guitarist Duane Denison says that "it's not impossible" the band could record new music at some point.

Appearing on the MetalSucks podcast, Denison was asked about the band's current status and if they might return with new music. “The Jesus Lizard guys, we are all still around and in reasonably good health and we get along and we talk somewhat regularly so it’s not impossible that we might work on something," he stated. "We’ve been playing shows and they’ve been going really well. It’s possible [that we’ll release new music]; it’s not impossible, certainly, let’s put it that way."

The foursome of David Yow, Denison, David Wm. Sims and Mac McNeilly reunited in 2017 after their previous reunion came to a halt in 2010. Since their initial '90s run, their output has consisted of compilations and live records.

The guitarist added, “I’m always working on stuff and I, like a lot of people I think right now, I’m happy to stay in, quiet and play acoustic. And I don’t necessarily mean folky music but just acoustic stuff. And it’s nice to just, not using any electricity, sit around and play some guitar stuff that way. Or even with hybrid acoustic electric guitars which I’ve got a couple here. So there’s always something new brewing and I just kind of work away and try to stay ready so when an opportunity shows up, I’m ready. I’ve got some new ideas, my chops are relatively up and I can go with it."

The Jesus Lizard issued their first four records via Touch and Go before jumping to major label Capitol Records for 1996's Shot and 1998's Blue. The group appeared on the Clerks soundtrack and played Lollapalooza dates in the mid-'90s, but split in 1999 after being dropped by their label.

These days, Denison can be heard playing as a member of Tomahawk with Mike Patton. The group formed in 1999 after Jesus Lizard's last album and they've been Denison's primary act for most of the time since. Tomahawk's latest record, Tonic Immobility, is set for a March 26 release via Ipecac Records.

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