German thrash architects Dust Bolt will release Trapped in Chaos, their fourth album, Jan. 18. They're not only here to pump up their ripping new record, but also to prop up some other thrashers who are flying under the radar and need your attention. So often we fall back on the old reliables — The Big 4, Kreator, Overkill, Testament... the list goes on — and modern acts such as Municipal Waste and Warbringer helped revive the spirit in the 21st century. But let's dig a little deeper where the soil is a bit grittier — Dust Bolt are here to school you in six New Age Thrash Bands You Need to Hear.

Check out all the bands below, but first, start cranking some Dust Bolt to help you go through the list! And when you're done, place your order for Trapped in Chaos at the Napalm Records webstore.

Creeping Death

A young band from Texas with a demo and two EPs, the latest being Specter Of War, which was released in January last year! Great band, great riffs and grooves. Death metal meets thrash with some hardcore vibes. For me, they are some kind of Bolt Thrower 2.0! Love it!


I don´t even know where the Hell they are from, but I DO know their album Rise in Glory is killer! High speed, old school but they bring in lots of current stuff as well and you feel they know that it's 2019! Great stuff! Thanks to Bart from Straightline for introducing them to me! For everybody who is into melodic but super fast stuff — check out Straightline NOW!

[Edit: Venemous are from Mexico City and yeah, that's how you spell their name.]


We love each other. On various levels. That´s just how it is. A band that feels like crazy Ukrainians on speed, playing Slayer how it should sound today, although they're high as Hell on stage, delivering an energy that is intense. Great band, great people, great musicians.

Toxic Waltz

Our friends and hometown buddies! We grew up together and explored metal at the same time! Love those boys! They've got two full lengths so far! A little bit more technical stuff like Forbidden or later Dark Angel but with way more aggressive vocals and shouts! Check them OUT!


Love those dudes! Our Bavarian redneck friends, haha ;) We´ve been really close friends for around eight years now, actually since the first time we met and played together. We hung out a lot in the past years as they live in the beautiful countryside of Bavaria! We don´t get to see each other that often these days but that doesn't change the fact that we're homies for life! Unbelievable musicians, two killer albums and funny videos!

Insanity Alert

What should I say... if a band calls themselves Insanity Alert, I would be really, really skeptical at first. Because they actually have to be insane in order to say that. We met those guys in Essen at an Open Air show, partied together the whole night, took them on tour with us, got to be closest friends and I can tell you what: these guys are insane. If you´re into D.R.I., S.O.D, Municipal Waste and fast punky, funny, crossover thrash then forget everything you know, cause Insanity Alert are the way to go!

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