While there was plenty of support for the March for Our Lives over the weekend, there were those who took issue with the mass demonstration as well. Eagles of Death Metal vocalist Jesse Hughes was one of the more vocal opponents, sharing his thoughts on the march via a series of Instagram posts.

The singer, who has since removed some of the posts, shared a cartoon image equating turning in a gun to take part in ending violence to a man cutting off his penis to stop rape culture.

"Obviously....The best thing to do to combat chronic abusers and disregarders of the law(like the law against Murder) is to ... pass another Law! ... Genius!!! ... but before we pass this law we’re going to denigrate the memory and curse ourselves by exploiting the death of 16 of our fellow students for a few Facebook likes and some media attention ... and look how well civil rights abuses as it concerns firearms helped to protect me and my friends in Paris!!!!!," says Hughes.

He continues, "This almost sounds like the plan of like a kid maybe like a high school student! ... Oh wait that’s right ... The Whitney Houston song about letting the children lead the way wasn’t actually an operating paradigm for life ... And when the truth don’t line up with your bullshit narrative just hold your breath and stamp your feet and refused to except it ... then take multiple days off of school playing hooky at the expense of 16 of your classmates blood! ... it might be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and disgusting."

The singer referenced his experience surviving the mass shooting in 2015 at Le Bataclan in Paris. "As the survivor of a mass shooting I can tell you from first-hand experience that all of you protesting and taking days off from school insult the memory of those who were killed and abuse and insult me and every other lover of liberty by your every action," said Hughes, who concluded, "Long Live Rock’n’Roll..... and may everyone of these disgusting vile abusers of the dead live as long as possible so they can have the maximum amount of time to endure their shame....and be Cursed."

As could be expected, Hughes' comments were met with some backlash, but he continued his postings, including one where student activist Emma Gonzalez was photoshopped ripping up the U.S. Constitution [the original photo, from Teen Vogue, saw her tearing up a target] and commenting, " Behold……the Awful Face Of Treason…..survivor of Nothing….Lover of Treason…..enjoy your little moment…..it’s about to End…… #stupidity #hatersofliberty #loversofsatan #borntolose #2ndamendment” Hughes also went on to share another cartoon, as well as a posting of a second amendment patch, with each of these posts eventually being taken down.

Yet another post of video of men hysterically laughing was posted to his Instagram, with the caption, "This is basically how I react whenever I read a negative comment so thanks for all the fun!!!!!!" The vocalist then seemingly ended his commentary on the matter discussing how he had had a policy of checking politics at the door, and as such was considering leaving his Instagram account specifically for rock and music related things, while starting a second Instagram account to house his political views. See Hughes' remaining posts below.

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