Boys in rock and metal bands who tour the country unremittingly trying to build up a fanbase spend a lot of time in battered buses and vans. That adds up to hours and hours of time just sitting in a vehicle, waiting to get to the next town. So, what do they do with all that downtime on the road? Watching movies is right up there, and around Halloween, those flicks are often of the horror variety.

John Falls, lead crooner of Memphis-based hard rock outfit Egypt Central, says the guys are “definitively into watching horror films” on tour.

“It’s weird, because I like a lot of older ones, but I really like all the Rob Zombie films,” he told Loudwire. “All of his work is unbelievable. I was so impressed with what he did with the originals and how he took them to a whole new level. The remakes of Halloween are 10 times more intense than original.”

The group’s latest single, ‘Kick Ass,’ is an in-your-face arena rock anthem, and a collection of NFL teams -- including the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys -- are playing the ‘Gridiron Mix’ version of the song at home games as a portion of the in-stadium music programs. When asked about getting their song picked up by the NFL, Falls recently told Loudwire that, “It’s very flattering that they picked up the song; it’s an honor and a lot of other things just rolled up into one. It’s a dream come true; it’s unbelievable to be a part of the NFL.” Find the rest of the interview, here.

Egypt Central are currently on the road with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and find a complete list of tour dates, here.