There's "making it official" and there's "making it official times two." It was the latter for guitarist Josh James, who not only got married over the weekend but also learned that his status in Eighteen Visions had been cemented.

James, who also plays in Stick to Your Guns, joined Eighteen Visions onstage earlier this year when the band reactivated following a decade hiatus. According to a new Instagram posting, the band states that it was their "collective wedding present" to welcome him as a permanent member in the group. See the post below.

In a chat with Eighteen Visions' Keith Barney earlier this year, the guitarist revealed James' participation in their touring plans. "He’s kind of helping us out with all the live shows," said Barney. "He’s been a good friend for a long time and we played shows with his old bands in the past. We brought him down to the studio when we were making the record and we were making sure everything was cool."

Eighteen Visions released their XVIII album back in early June, and as Barney stated in the interview, "We want to play the new s–t, we want to play the old s–t, but for the future, we’re definitely back together and we want to just f–king get out there."

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