Eighteen Visions have been putting in plenty of work since their reunion earlier this year. The group wasted no time in getting things moving again, releasing their album XVIII back in June. They aren't stopping things anytime soon, as today they've released their brand new video for "Underneath My Gun."

The song goes back and forth between two main segments, one in which the band is playing a cult looking performance, and one starring Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams. Andy does his best Rowdy Roddy Piper impression, as his story gets very They Live while he drives around town. He gets in a fight, and shows up at the concert, where thanks to the glasses he's got, he realizes the band are the ghouls from They Live. He starts passing out glasses to the rest of the crowd, and they all take turns beating up the band.

The totally real beatdown continues, and is overseen by a shotgun wielding Andy Williams. Soon, one by one he starts taking out band members for good, firing his shot gun right into their stomachs, with a head shot to singer James Hart.

We spoke to guitarist Keith Barney back in June about the band's return, and bringing their music to a new generation. "Yeah, well, you know, 18 V wasn't around but we were still going to shows and seeing our favorite bands and we're still lovers of music. So it's not like we left music or anything like that and stuck our head in sand. We saw everything evolve and It was interesting. It's definitely interesting to see on this side of the fence now being back in the band, releasing a record and doing press and the whole bit, like how it kind of works now compared to how it worked back then. It's kind of been an interesting experience you spoke of for both me and the obvious changes that have taken place and the kind of wash of like how people listen to music now or find out about music for the first time or how well videos work or labels versus a community and all that kind of stuff. It seems a bit of like a wash, just like a big swab of noise. It must be hard for new bands. We obviously have a bit of history behind us so that helps us. But it's interesting to kind of go through and learn more about it every day."

Watch "Underneath My Gun" above!

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