Where did the power and fury of Eighteen Visions come from? According to the band, they owe at least a nod to '90s grunge icons Alice in Chains and they've showed their respect to the veteran band by taking on a cover of "Them Bones."

In writing on Instagram about their decision to cover the track, the band stated, "Alice in Chains have left a long lasting impression on Eighteen Visions and our music. You can hear AIC’s musical influence as early as Until the Ink Runs Out. Their heavy, dirty riffs were infused with our early metalcore sound to help create something unique. And it’s no secret AIC are James’ favorite band as you can hear their vocal and lyrical impact on just about every 18V release."

"Them Bones" was the second single on Alice in Chains' 1992 sophomore album Dirt. The song climbed to No. 24 on the Mainstream Rock chart and hit No. 30 for Alternative Airplay, but despite the modest radio returns it's become one of the band's more popular tracks.

Eighteen Visions reunited in 2017 for their second era as a group. The current lineup includes early era members James Hart, Keith Barney and Trevor Friedrich along with new guitarist-bassist Josh James. Their last release was 2020's Inferno EP.

Eighteen Visions, "Them Bones" (Alice in Chains Cover)

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