It's arguably the most American day of the year (sorry, Fourth of July), as those with the rights given to them as American citizens are heading out to the polls today to cast their votes on both candidates and bills that will affect their immediate future.

It's one of the great things about being an American is having elections that give you the right to help determine what the future will hold. Whether it be current President Obama or his opposition, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney that you vote for, the key is the exercise of your right as an American citizen.

A number of top rockers have weighed in via Twitter, attempting to get their fans out to the polls to vote. Some have remained bipartisan, while others are specifically attempting to sway their followers in a certain political direction.

See what members of Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Motley Crue, Pearl Jam and more have to say about Election Day in the tweets below:

There you have it. If you haven't voted yet, be sure to get out at your first convenience. If so, take pride in knowing you've done your civic duty.