Finnish folk metallers Ensiferum have rushed into 2015 swinging their axes. The band will release its sixth studio album, 'One Man Army,' on Feb. 24, but don't stress the wait, as we've got the exclusive premiere of the track 'Heathen Horde' for your listening pleasure right now!

Ensiferum has become one of folk metal's finest acts, experiencing a huge surge in popularity during the last few years. Ensiferum's music awakens one's inner warrior … it's a pity fighting to the death with swords and battle axes is illegal nowadays.

Of Ensiferum's sixth full-length, bassist / vocalist Sami Hinkka says, "Recording process was long, hard, rewarding and full of incredible moments. Instruments were actually played and left as they were instead of creating tracks from hundreds of different takes, moving them to the grid and modifying things. Of course computers were used, but overall, we made everything as analog as possible. Listeners can experience a better sound and natural groove, something that we think most metal albums lack these days. Overall, the album sounds much more like a band playing live rather than 'midi metal.'"

He continues, "On the new album, we took many things musically to the next level, so we decided also to try something new graphics-wise. Gyula Havancsák did phenomenal job! For the first time it was really nice to be more involved with designing the cover and all details. Our humble gratitude to Gyula for all the patience and really amazing results. We couldn't be more satisfied!"

Last month, Ensiferum released an official video for the new album's title track, but to hear even more new material from the group, check out 'Heathen Horde' below! To pre-order 'One Man Army,' head over to iTunes or the band's official merch store.

Ensiferum, 'Heathen Horde'

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