We can't get enough of these Arcade Sushi videos starring metal guitar master Eric 'Erock' Calderone. This time around, Erock jams a classic theme from 'Mega Man 2,' which sounds like it was destined to be turned into a metal masterpiece.

You may be familiar with Erock's own YouTube channel, where the shredder posts musical re-imaginings of classic songs, movie themes, video game tracks and much more.

More recently, the guitarist has partnered with Arcade Sushi to transform songs from 'Final Fantasy' and 'Mario Kart' into blistering guitar-driven pieces.

'Mega Man' is a classic video game series. If you grew up during the early Capcom days, there's a good chance you've controlled Mega Man on a variety of consoles. From 'Mega Man 2,' the theme of 'Dr. Wily Stage 1' is a fan favorite, and believe us, Erock has done the track justice.

Check out Eric Calderone's 'Mega Man 2' re-imagining above!

Eric Calderone - Exclusive Loudwire Shred

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