Everyone's favorite video game theme metalizer Eric 'Erock' Calderone just released another must-see clip with our friends at Arcade Sushi. This time around, Erock went through the Konami catalogue to create an epic medley.

This one is for all you old-school video game fans. If you grew up during the 8-bit age, you'll surely recognize a few of these themes. And if you're a fan of Erock, you know exactly what to expect from the master of re-imaginings.

Calderone starts off with 'Bloody Tears' from the iconic 'Castlevania II' game. After about a minute, the guitarist delves into yet another essential game, 'Contra.' Erock showcases a quick take on 'Jungle Theme' before moving on to the main theme from Gradius.

The three-minute clip features two more themes. From 'Rush 'n Attack,' Calderone tackles the game's main theme and finishes the mashup with the immortal 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and its 'Overworld Theme.'

Check out the medley in the video above and be sure to head over to Erock's own YouTube channel for more 'Meets Metal' songs.

Eric Calderone - Exclusive Loudwire Shred

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