You can add Evans Blue to the growing list of acts releasing new music in 2016. The band just unleashed a new song called "iGod" today, and Loudwire is bringing you the exclusive premiere of the song's lyric video.

As heard in the player above, it's a heavier Evans Blue track, launching with a primal scream and delivering a darker vibe with some killer bass from Joe Pitter as vocalist Dan Chandler belts the powerful chorus, "Why, do you hold back the anger? / Why, do you hide the insane? / Why, won't you channel the rage / And use what your God gave you!"

Chandler tells us, "iGod depicts our failure to recognize or consider a perspective other than our own ... To suggest or assume our ideas take priority over someone else's, only promotes conflict between two people who are very much the same otherwise."

As for the clip itself, a rather dark candlelit room serves as the focus as the flames dance around inside a group of candles. It definitely delivers a mood fitting of the lyrics scrolling across the screen.

"iGod" is featured on Evans Blue's upcoming release, Letters From the Dead. The band entered the studio in September with producer Trevor Kustiak and they're eyeing a spring release for what will be their fifth studio album. If you like what you hear, you can purchase "iGod" via iTunes.

Keep an eye out for more album and touring information as Evans Blue close in on the release of the Letters From the Dead.