With singer David Draiman leading Device and bassist John Moyer rocking out in Adrenaline Mob, we've known what half of Disturbed have been doing during the band's hiatus. But now, it's guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren's turn to step into the spotlight with a new band called Fight or Flight featuring Evans Blue frontman Dan Chandler.

Fight or Flight, which also features Ra's Sean Corcoran on bass and Jeremy Jayson as a second guitarist and backing vocalist, have inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records and are gearing up to release their debut disc, 'Life by Design?,' on July 23.

The band recently launched their official website, which includes a Soundcloud file previewing a snippet of their single 'First of the Last' from the upcoming disc. It can be heard below. On May 7, fans will be able to pre-order the disc and receive an instant download of the full 'First of the Last' single.

Donegan says via the band's Facebook page, "After a few months home, I was going through withdrawals from the road. I actually met Dan Chandler online in 2011. I requested him on Facebook because I'm a fan of Evans Blue. I watched them at Rock on the Range that same year, and he sounded incredible. We had spoken about collaborating in passing that day, but I didn’t think much of it until Disturbed decided to go on a hiatus.”

He adds, "We didn’t have a plan for it, we just wanted to write together, there was no discussion of the direction, we just let it happen naturally … Although there’s some trademark things in the way Mike and I play, when you add another writer and new voice with Chandler, it's going to be different. It's got edgy moments, but there's more melody across the board. We had the chance to experiment as well. There are acoustic guitars and some electronics even."

On top of the stomping upcoming single, fans can also look forward to the heartfelt acoustic ballad 'Leaving' and the slow burn of the new track 'A Void' on the forthcoming disc. Stay tuned for more from Fight or Flight.

Listen to a Snippet of Fight or Flight's 'First of the Last'