Evans Blue are enjoying a lengthy run off of their 'Graveyard of the Empires' album, now digging into the fourth single off the disc -- 'Warrior.' Loudwire is thrilled to bring you the exclusive premiere of the lyric video for the track, which can be seen below.

The song shows a different side to the band than the album's previous singles, as this rock ballad stands out with striking open and closing piano work from Allan Jankowski and frontman Dan Chandler showing the emotion in his voice.

"I am a warrior / Not the victim of your pain / I speak for the curious / Infected by your ways / We stand / I stand before you at the foot of my own grave and speak truth / I'm not the warrior for you," sings Chandler in the high point of the song, as the kinetic typography script rolls across the screen. The chorus is then followed by an impressive guitar solo which amps up the energy for the remainder of the song.

Speaking to us about the inspiration for the song, Chandler waxed philosophical, telling the essence of the song came down to these ideals: "I will not own the battles that have defeated you. My eyes are open and my thoughts are mine. Don't be afraid to be you, or become who you want to be."

'Warrior' continues the solid run that Evans Blue have enjoyed with 'Graveyard of the Empires,' following 'This Time It's Different,' 'Halo' and 'Beyond the Stars' as singles. The group is currently enjoying a break from the road after a heavy year of touring in 2012, but do expect to be hearing more from Evans Blue in the coming months. If you dig 'Warrior' or are interested in Evans Blue's full 'Graveyard of the Empires' disc, you can purchase it via iTunes here.

Watch Evans Blue's 'Warrior' Lyric Video