Fight or Flight, the new group featuring members of Disturbed and Evans Blue, are gearing up to unleash their debut album 'A Life by Design?' on July 23, and the band is teaming up with Loudwire to premiere the riveting track 'Leaving' (listen below).

With Disturbed on hiatus, guitarist Dan Donegan reached out to Evans Blue vocalist Dan Chandler -- and a musical collaboration ensued. On the track 'Leaving,' these two musicians take center stage.

The song starts out as an acoustic number, showcasing Chandler's powerful voice over a melodic riff by Donegan. But the track kicks into full rock mode at the 2:27 mark -- when stickman Mike Wengren (Disturbed) joins in with a thumping drum beat.

The lyrics of the song are just as powerful as the music, with Donegan describing the tune as follows: "'Leaving' is a song about a soldier returning home and facing the battles after war. Coming home and adapting to a normal life isn't always that easy for some. Post-traumatic stress disorder, substance-abuse, depression and suicide -- these are big issues that need to be addressed and acknowledged."

The band's lineup is rounded out by bassist Sean Corcoran and guitarist Jeremy Jayson, and you can catch Fight or Flight on tour this summer when they kick off a U.S. trek on July 27 in Fort Wayne, Ind. For a full list of dates and ticket info, visit the band's official website.

Fight or Flight's 'A Life by Design?' hits stores on July 23, but you can pre-order the album right now on iTunes by clicking here. But first, take a listen to the track 'Leaving' in the player below:

Fight or Flight, 'Leaving'