In April of this year, Evans Blue released their latest album, ‘Graveyard of Empires.’ One of the disc's singles is the hauntingly empowering track ‘Halo.’

Loudwire has the exclusive premiere of the new video for the song, featuring a live performance from an Evans Blue concert at the Machine Shop in Flint, Mich.

Frontman Dan Chandler talked to Loudwire about the whole experience, saying, “The making of the video was incredible for a couple of reasons. We were at one of our favorite venues in the country and every time we come to town, it fills up with an abundance of our most passionate fans.” He continued, “That is the perfect recipe for shooting a live video.”

The song, an equally emotionally and sonically charged heavy-hitter that finds Chandler reflecting upon the aftermath of losing his young nephew and trying to process his emotions in the wake of the tragedy, was a moving experience for the songwriter. “The song came from a time in my life where I felt like people were being taken from me,” Chandler explains. “No matter how hard I tried, I could not find the good in it. In the end, the song was very therapeutic for me. Even though it seems to carry a darker tone ... it provides those of us who have shared this emotion, with strength.”

That shared strength comes through full force in the video showcasing the powerhouse that is an Evans Blue show. Check it out below.

Evans Blue continue their ‘Graveyard of Empires 2012 Tour’ through August. View all of their upcoming dates here. For even more on Evans Blue check out our in-depth interview with Dan Chandler.

Watch the Evans Blue ‘Halo’ Video [Premiere]

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