Evans Blue are getting ready to release their as-yet-untitled fourth studio album, but they have unveiled a new track ‘Halo’ which is set to hit iTunes tomorrow.

With a shredding guitar solo and a catchy chorus, frontman Dan Chandler belts out “I followed your story / I can’t do your math / You won’t stand before me / Or behind my back / My eyes have been blurry / My family attacked / I can’t stand before you / And won’t take this back.

In an interview with Revolver, Chandler talks about the new track by saying, “The song was written about a moment in my life when I felt things/people were being taken from me without reason. Something a lot of us have unfortunately had to deal with.”

He goes on to say “Parker [Lauzon, guitar] sent me the music when I was going through a hard time. Many questions. When you lose something important to you, it’s almost like you can’t stop your mind from revisiting the past.”

When asked about the feedback he got from the song Chandler replied, “This song has only been exposed to family and close friends so far. The song is personal and people close to me know me well, so they immediately understood what the song had to say. Definitely have had an overwhelming positive response.”

Check out the lyric video for the Evans Blue single 'Halo' below:

Watch the Evans Blue ‘Halo’ Lyric Video