Welcome back, Eve 6! The group who brought you that "heart in a blender" song "Inside Out" have returned with some buzz behind them after Max Collins became the "King of Twitter" at the end of 2020. Eve 6 have some new music with a video arriving for "black nova," the first single from their forthcoming EP grim value.

The group provided a low key self-deprecating comment announcing their return, simply stating, "Hi, our band’s called Eve 6. We’re back which is confirmation we’re living in the end times.”

Eve 6 released three albums between 1998-2003 before splitting up, but by 2007 they had resumed operation. In 2012, they issued their fourth studio album Speak in Code. The current lineup includes original members Max Collins and Jon Siebels alongside drummer Ben Hilzinger who joined in 2018.

As with material from their late '90s / early 2000s heyday, the band still has a knack for catchy tracks. With some killer bass to lay the foundation, fuzzed out guitar to push the pulse and a toe-tapping beat, the song unspools into an anthemic chorus. You can check out the lyrics below and you'll probably be singing along as the video plays.

Eve 6 "black nova" Lyrics

hey black nova
hey black nova make it slam make it slam
wayward jehova
ask for a Corona in the ambulance
it’s turbulent it’s getting turbulent
when you take flight it gets turbulent
a flight like this is permanent

and ya know it only takes one time to get you
and you know when death comes to fetch you
from the lawn of the mansion of the damned
with a yawn and kink in his back
you gotta kick that smack

siphon Johnny
siphon Johnny
redirect that line
it’s the main one honey
the main one gonna get you dead this time
turbulent it’s getting turbulent
when you take flight it gets turbulent
a flight like this is permanent

The song comes with a video featuring Hether Fortune singing along to the track as director-videographer Adam Freeman throws some eye catching effects on her visage.

"black nova" features on the band's upcoming EP, grim value, which will arrive June 25 via Velocity Records. Pre-orders are currently available here with the band also offering a pretty clever "Eve Sigs" shirt as part of their merch. Watch the video and see the artwork and track listing for the new album below.

Eve 6, "black nova"

Eve 6, grim value Artwork + Track Listing

Velocity Records
Velocity Records

1. black nova
2. i wanna bite your face
3. can we combine
4. angel of the supermarket
5. good for you

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