One of the key figures of the death metal movement, James Murphy, has suffered a relapse of the brain tumor he was first diagnosed with in 2001.

Murphy, who has played with Death and Testament and was a foundering member of Disincarnate, has stated that while the tumor has returned, it is non malignant and is treatable. However, the medications he has been prescribed have serious side effects, leaving Murphy exhausted, nauseous and unable to play or produce other bands.

Other medication is available, but Murphy says they cost of $1,000 per month and he must have at least six months worth for the treatment to be effective. Since Murphy is currently unable to work, his friends and peers are asking the metal community to reach out and help him eradicate the tumor that almost killed him in 2001.

In August of that year, Murphy was diagnosed with a massive tumor growth on the pituitary gland near the base of his brain. On Sept. 17, 2001, Murphy underwent complex surgery to remove 70 percent of the tumor. The remaining 30 percent was too close to vital areas of the brain and was inoperable, so doctors treated it with medication to shrink it. When he recovered from the treatment Murphy was in good health for nine years until a recent blood and MRI indicated that the tumor had returned and needed to be treated.

Murhphy has played with numerous thrash and death metal bands over the past 30 years. He started out with the L.A. speed metel band Agent Steel in 1987 and in 1989 he replaced Rick Rozz in Death and appeared on the band's 1990 album 'Spiritual Healing.' He also performed with Obituary during that time and played lead on their 1990 disc 'Cause of Death.'  Murphy formed his own band Disincarnate in 1992, and the next year the band released the tech-death metal album 'Dreams of the Carrion Kind. He also played in Testament between 1993 and 2000 and appears on the band's 1994 album 'Low' and 1990's 'The Gathering.'

As the owner of  recording studio, Safe House Production, Murphy has recorded two solo albums and worked on records by Single Bullet Theory, HavocHate, Sigh, Ex-Deo and others.

Help raise funds for Murphy's treatment at the following sites:

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