We at Loudwire are extremely excited about the 2012 Olympic Games ... but not the athletic event taking place in London this summer. We're talking about Loudwire's very own Extreme Metal Olympics!

In our Extreme Metal Olympics, we'll have 32 of the world's most brutal and legendary bands from 18 countries all competing for the gold! One week from today, on July 26, fans will be able to vote on which bands will move on to the next round. The gold, silver and bronze medals will be then be decided after a series of head to head battles.

The bands who will be featured in the Extreme Metal Olympics (some nations will have multiple acts) have all been determined, except for the representatives of one country -- the good ol' USA. Due to the sheer number of legendary death/extreme metal bands that have come from the States, it's difficult to determine who exactly should shred for Team USA. Thus, we're leaving the decision to the Loudwire audience.

Along with Sweden, the USA will send four bands to the Extreme Metal Olympics. Vote for who you want to see wear the red, white and blue for America in the poll below! The top four U.S. acts will move on to take on the rest of the world in the Extreme Metal Olympics.

(Fans will be able to submit one vote per hour, so you will be able to vote for multiple acts or one act multiple times. This poll will close on Wednesday, July 25 at 12 noon ET.)