The Sick New World festival set times and stage assignments were released late Monday evening (April 22) and fans were abuzz on social media after realizing the many overlapping conflicts that will take place during the jam-packed day-long festival.

With five stages and a wealth of acts performing throughout the day, fans are finding some tough decisions that will need to be made, especially when it comes to some of the bigger bands on the bill.

The biggest gripe appears to be at the end of the night where headliners System of a Down, who are only playing a handful of shows this year, will be performing at the same time as one of the hottest bands in heavy music right now, Sleep Token. A number of upset fans voiced their displeasure at having to make that choice.

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Co-headliners Slipknot also provided some challenges for festival-goers, who actually wanted to see some of the other acts that have been scheduled at the same time. The same goes for Bring Me the Horizon, whose set time seemed to cause a number of conflicts that fans were vocal about on social media.

The Lineup Is Sick, The Set Times Not So Much

One complaint from last year and this year at Sick New World has been trying to get so many bands into a single-day concert, inevitably causing the number of overlapping conflicts that fans seem up in arms about. But one thing is for certain, the job of the scheduler can't be easy.

Fans expressed their angst at the lineup conflicts in general below.

Not Everyone Was Upset

Despite the set time conflicts, fans in general seemed to be thrilled with the overall Sick New World lineup and some fans even managed to map out their viewing for the day with conflict-free schedules.

About Sick New World

The Sick New World Festival is now set for this Saturday (April 27) at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Ticketing info is available through the festival website and there are also side shows going on in Vegas throughout the weekend featuring some of the acts from the festival.

Be sure to map out your Sick New World experience by checking out the set times and stage assignments.

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