Connecticut progressive metal luminaries Fates Warning kicked off their fall tour with a hometown show at the Webster Theater in Hartford, Conn. Before the band began their show, local metal radio personnel decked out in biker style jackets hopped onstage to get the crowd roaring for the show, not that they would have needed any help to get excited about one of the state's most successful bands over the last three decades.

The band kicked off the show with "One Thousand Fires," the opener off their latest album, 2013's Darkness in a Different Light. The album was well-received from critics and fans alike, so it was a perfect choice to open the gig. Shifting quickly into "Pale Fire," the energy kept flowing, despite the song's laid-back verse. Fates Warning's ability to deliver unforgettable hooks coupled with Ray Alder's soothing and emotional voice makes the band the powerhouse they are.

After a couple of songs, the sound really beefed up with each member's contributions becoming clearer in the live mix, which always takes a bit to get right at any show. "Life in Still Water" was where Fates Warning started to truly dominate the crowd as Alder's voice starting soaring higher and higher, showing he is no worse for the wear as the years go by.

The band chose five cuts off 1997's A Pleasant Shade of Gray, which was just re-issued on Metal Blade, not that they need an excuse to pull a handful of songs from one of their best albums. The record is decidedly darker than a lot of Fates Warning material, which provided a nice contrast with other songs like "Another Perfect Day" and "One."

Guitarists Jim Matheos and Mike Abdow were in perfect sync, churning out complex rhythms against each other with Joey Vera bringing the thunder on his five string bass. Rounded out by drummer Bobby Jarzombek, Fates Warning brought a focused performance to Hartford, displaying their chops as some of the tightest musicians around. One guitar highlight came during "One," where everything drops out and Abdow nailed a spotlight harmonic, showcasing his mastery in the live element.

After closing with "Monument," the band walked off stage to a raucous applause and chants for more from a dedicated crowd. Returning to the stage with smiles across their faces, Fates Warning provided two more classics for the fans by way of "The Eleventh Hour" and "Point of View" off Parallels. Alder ended by hitting some of the highest notes of the night and thanking the crowd for coming out to support them on the first night of their tour.

Musical support came from Imminent Sonic Destruction and Next to None. Imminent Sonic Destruction, who ran through a variety of metal stylings, ultimately falling under the progressive branch at the end of the day. Next to None are a group of youngsters anchored by Max Portnoy, son of drumming legend Mike Portnoy. The band was very professionals, coming as no surprise with one of the most precise musicians in the world to help oversee them.

Check out our photo gallery of the Fates Warning show above. The tour will go on through early November and then Fates Warning will be hitting the studio to record their follow-up to Darkness in a Different Light. To catch the band on the road, check out the remaining dates here.

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