Here are the top replacement singers in rock and metal.

One of the most fearful things that can happen to a band is having to replace their lead singer. After putting in all of the hard work to establish the band, the departure of a singer can spell doom for some acts.

But there are a number of instances where the new singer kept the momentum going and, in some cases, even elevated the band to new heights.

Pantera started their career with Terry Glaze, for example, though they went in quite a different direction later on when they recruited Philip Anselmo in his place. Had they not found him, there never would've been a Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Display of Power and so on.

"Me and Dime wanted it to be heavy, but when we started doing the covers of Metallica and Slayer and stuff, Terry didn't want to sing them," Vinnie Paul told Revolver regarding why the band split with Glaze. "He'd just leave the stage. Dime would sing them, and we'd do it as a three-piece and just fucking crush.”

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While we can get so attached to a singer's voice, we never know what to expect when someone new takes the reigns. In the gallery below, you'll find a host of singers who either replaced already legendary frontmen or kickstarted a band's career, as we present the Top 30 Hard Rock + Metal Replacement Singers.

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