Renowned drummer Bobby Jarzombek, who has famously played in several metal bands (Fates Warning, Halford, Sebastian Bach, Riot, Spastic Ink and others) has just announced he is officially a member of country legend George Strait's 'Ace in the Hole' backing band.

Both Jarzombek and the record-setting Strait are Texas natives and in an announcement on Facebook, the drummer revealed he played a private event in the city of Austin with the group, presumably marking his first outing with the country star.

He exclaimed, "I’m very proud to announce that I am now playing drums for the legendary country music artist George Strait. As the newest member of his ‘Ace In The Hole’ band, last Saturday we played a private event in Austin, [Texas] and everything was awesome! I am so glad to be here! Really looking forward to the future with George and the guys!"

The 57-year-old skinsman now occupies a highly-coveted spot in a backing band that anchors one of country music's most enduring and successful artists, who is also a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

As noted by Blabbermouth, Strait holds the country music record for most platinum/multi-platinum albums at a total of 33 and has amassed more than 68.5 million album sales. The influential "King of Country," as he's known, also has a whopping 60 No. 1 singles which is good enough for the most chart-toppers of any artist across the entirety of recorded music.

Most recently, Jarzombek played on the album Long Day Good Night, which was released by prog metal mavens Fates Warning last year. It was his third album with the band after coming aboard in 2007 in place of longtime member Mark Zonder. Other album credits include four with Judas Priest singer Rob Halford's solo band, three under ex-Skid Row belter Sebastian Bach, two under Spastic Ink as well as five full records with Riot and partial contribution to their Thundersteel album.

View even more of Jarzombek's credits here.

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