Black Sabbath is widely recognized as the very first metal band. From the second guitarist Tony Iommi played that diminished fifth on the track 'Black Sabbath,' music began to develop into increasingly evil realms, which we are all proud to dwell within to this very day.

Formed in 1969 by Ozzy OsbourneTony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward, Black Sabbath went on to sell over 70 million albums worldwide while influencing every single metal band which came after them. Ozzy Osbourne fronted the band until 1978, when the 'Prince of Darkness' left to pursue an incredibly successful solo career.

Ozzy was replaced by the now-legendary Rainbow frontman, Ronnie James Dio. The wailing vocalist stayed with the band until 1982, when he also decided to pursue a solo career. Ronnie James Dio would sporadically collaborate with Black Sabbath, at times under the name 'Heaven and Hell,' until he passed away in 2010.

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