Throughout their career, Filter has staunchly fought against any sense of musical boundaries, able to release music that's both sonically scathing and soothing on the same disc. Started in 1994 after singer Richard Patrick left Nine Inch Nails, the group honed in on a guitar driven sound that was undeniably compelling. They'd later take a divergent approach, creating music that sat closer to pop-rock than industrial, and yet the shift in sound worked, resulting in a mammoth of a single "Take a Picture."

With the shifts in sound and shape, Filter have released seven full-length albums in their career, each filled with a volatile combination of elements. We took a look at their discography, and ranked each from weakest to strongest. Even when a certain creative decision didn't work as well as intended, it's undeniable that it always came from a place of the band wanting to challenge themselves rather than chasing a trend, letting them persevere as one of industrial's most enduring acts.

See how we ranked Filter's albums below.

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