Filter are the latest band to tap into crowdsourcing as a means to bring their latest disc ‘The Sun Comes Out Tonight’ to live stages across the world. Launching a new campaign through Indiegogo, leaving their fate in the hands (and pockets) of their fans, Filter will be putting all of the funds raised through their efforts towards an upcoming world tour.

With a goal of raising $40,000, the campaign offers Filter fans an array of perks for as little as a $10 donation for a digital album download to a $1,000 create your own set list perk and even a $3,500 VIP Combo Pack that includes a guitar signed by the band and VIP all access to a show including hanging out with the band before and after the concert. To see the full list of available perks, visit Filter’s Indiegogo campaign page here.

Filter’s Richard Patrick says of the campaign, “After laying down an ear recipe that is sure to piss off a few neighbors on our new record ‘The Sun Comes Out Tonight,’ we realized it was necessary that we tour the world and break a few more strings with all of you.” He continues, “This is something we’ve dreamt about from the very beginning, but to fulfill this dream we are going to need your help.”

He also explains the method behind it, and why they chose to go the crowdsourcing route. “Over the last couple of months we have observed the success that this method has produced for several bands and artists alike,” said Patrick. “It’s an unusual method, but it’s a new method and it seems this is a way for us to connect with you, our fans, on a much more personal level. We like that.”

The band was also quick to point out that fans that can’t contribute monetarily are still instrumental in the process asking them to help spread the word throughout social media and their friends and communities.