Dave Grohl has been sitting high atop his throne lately, still touring with a broken leg under the adage "the show must go on!" Over the weekend, Foo Fighters headlined the Austin City Limits Music Festival and treated fans to a stunning rendition of "In The Flesh?" by British progressive rock legends Pink Floyd. Unlike many Pink Floyd songs, this cut off The Wall clocks in at just under three minutes and is a bit of a slow burner. Take a listen in the fan-shot video above as Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins provides the vocals.

Grohl might be seated for the performance, but he still manages to rock out pretty hard, swaying back and forth in a fluid motion with the grand chord progressions that make "In the Flesh?" so powerful and captivating. Foo Fighters have been busting out a lot of classic covers on this tour, including tracks from Led Zeppelin with the help of Jewel and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with a guest spot from Stevie Nicks and Haim.

Two days prior to the Austin City Limits Music Festival, the Foo Fighters performed in Wichita to a massive crowd, which, to the band's dismay, included some "rich motherf--kers in the box seats." This set the band off on a bit of a tirade with Grohl treating his throne as a fiery pulpit half-jokingly condemning those in the aforementioned privileged fans (video below):

“I know, they own car dealerships and s--t up there, I know who they are. I know who you are, you’ve got f---ing carpet cleaning company, I get it. You got tickets from the hockey team or some s--t, it’s all good. Just so you know, I’m going to rock your f---ing balls just as hard as these motherf---ers. You can sit there eating your chicken fingers, but your ass is mine motherf---er. That’s just how I roll. Hope ya’ll got some f---ing ranch with that shit! I get it. Don’t get me started.”

The conclusion of that statement indicates the vocalist hasn't shared all of his thoughts on those who passively attend concerts distracted by food and drinks rather than paying attention to the music. This is the nature of the beast, but as the main man stated, this will not stop his determination to put on an undeniable show and rock the entire crowd, regardless of where they're sitting and what their distractions are.

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