It's not uncommon for bands to be an answer on the long-running game show Jeopardy, but Foo Fighters had a full category to themselves during a recent airing.

For most rock fans, the category should be somewhat of a breeze, but it doesn't exactly click with these Jeopardy contestants. They knock off the first two questions with ease, naming Dave Grohl's pre-Foo Fighters band and correctly assessing the origin of the Foo Fighters name. But after that it gets a little tricky.

First comes a miss on a Foo Fighters lyric question, then the contestants were unable to name the "Sonic" album that coincided with a documentary of cities they visited, and the big money question also went unanswered, as Alex Trebek quizzed the contestants about the final song played for David Letterman before he retired. You can watch it all play out in the fan-shot video above.

It's quite possible that members of Foo Fighters might have caught the Jeopardy episode. The band is taking a well deserved break after touring extensively in support of their Sonic Highways album.

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