The theme of "eight" is running rampant for Foo Fighters' eighth studio album. The Foos have been teasing the record for quite some time, but now, we've got the first snippet of their upcoming record!

For their eighth record, Foo Fighters recorded eight songs in eight different cities. The sessions have been documented for an eight-episode HBO series called 'Sonic Highways,' which premieres on Oct. 17. The band sent fans on an online scavenger hunt to collect eight pieces of a puzzle, which when completed, features the number eight hidden throughout the potential album cover.

Today, Aug. 8 (8/8), Foo Fighters brought the "eight" madness to new heights by revealing an eight-second clip of new music. The piece features frontman Dave Grohl screaming "All rise!" in a wildly abrasive voice, showcasing a much heavier vibe than what Foo Fighters have offered in recent years.

The Foo Fighters teases aren't finished by a long shot, as the band posted via Facebook to expect big news on Monday (Aug. 11):

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